The quality of our services and IT security are core company goals, so our processes were certified under the ISO standards for quality (ISO 9001), IT security (ISO 27001) and environment (ISO 14001) almost ten years ago. Coordinated, mandatory work processes are implemented to meet the worldwide requirements of our clients.

ISO 9001 defines our organisational framework to ensure consistently high quality of services. The key elements of the QM manual are:

  • Definition of the organisational and operational structure, 
  • Definition of employee qualifications, 
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of client satisfaction. 

An ever more important aspect of commercial property protection involves data protection. To lay down clear groundwork here as well, we integrated ISO 27001 into the existing quality management system. This comprehensively governs client protection in the IT arena. The goal here is to prevent unauthorised access, protect IT services and installations from damage and malfunction, and reduce risks arising from human error, theft, fraud or misuse of systems.

We also achieved ISO 14001 certification, which supplements DIN EN ISO 9001 with relevant environmental protection aspects. The environmental management system ensures that our use of non-renewable resources, waste management and disposal and office cleaning are all subject to the greatest possible environmental awareness.

With the revision of the ISO standards we recently adapted our quality, IT security and environmental management systems to the current 2015 standards. The revised ISO standards support expanded risk management and more specific IT security aspects. For example, all internal service providers must be identified to ensure access to employee knowledge and skills at all times. We were pleased to comply with this requirement by generating a detailed organisational chart. Our selection of partners abroad is also subject to an evaluation system that defines criteria for collaboration.

Certification under the new standards is an assurance for our clients of continued high, consistent and secure quality. 

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