protects: distinguishing features (names, images, etc.)
e.g.: product names and service designations, corporate names, logos, etc.
is: a prohibitive right officially examined for absolute obstacles to protection
prerequisite: distinctiveness and non-descriptive nature
required: reproduction of the trademark, goods or service designation
official process: entry in the registry after examination of trademark eligibility by the competent trademark office
where: in individual countries or across countries (EU trademark, international trademark)
length of protection: unlimited, renewal every ten years

Word marks give your product a unique name. Your logo creates visual recognition value. Like your business name, your trademark conveys an image and is an extremely important success factor. Not applying for trademark protection almost borders on negligence.

Foresight is required when registering a trademark. Registering your trademark in the most important countries where you do business, now and in the future, helps to prevent later conflicts with copycats, for example. We explain the available instruments to you, which include domain names.
A responsible approach also includes monitoring your registered trademarks in the countries that are important to you, so as to be informed of more recent trademarks and registrations early on. These can then often be contested without substantial financial cost. 

In trademark law, a prior search is essential in particular when choosing a new product or service name. Otherwise disaster may strike, with drastic consequences that can range from a temporary injunction to the destruction of your products and advertising materials – not to mention the potential negative impact on your image.

In contrast to technical IP rights (patents, utility models), defensive measures against infringement suits in trademark law are relatively limited. They do exist, but may require a certain amount of creativity. We take pleasure in and apply every effort to this challenge. 

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