Our networks

We work often and easily with colleagues from around the world to achieve the best results for our clients wherever they may be. We can be found at conferences in Asia and in Silicon Valley, and visiting colleagues and firms in China, Japan and the USA, as well as our closer neighbours in Switzerland and Austria. This gives us direct experience with the various intellectual property systems and approaches in widely differing countries, as well as with other ways of thinking and communication structures. Together with our international colleagues, we are proud to be able to serve some of the biggest firms in their fields.

Our global network of skilled partners is constantly expanding. We would be delighted if our philosophies match and you pursue similarly high goals and standards in support of your clients and ours alike.

At the national level we work with several law firms in many different locations. For infringement actions before the German regional courts, we form teams with outside lawyers who are most familiar with the specific characteristics of the local courts. In this way we form the best possible constellation of technical and legal expertise.

Lawyers often consult with us to support clients with complicated issues of trademark law, in particular for the protection of product or corporate names. Our law colleagues also frequently consult with us on issues of employee invention law and patent law.

Locally, for example, we are in frequent contact and discussion with the Gründerzentrum business incubator, the China Centre in Ingolstadt, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Rotary Club and JCI Germany. 

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