Patents, utility models, trademarks, designs are the heart of our work and our core competencies.

In the field of patents, our services range from the first discussion with the inventors to the enforcement of the granted patent in infringement proceedings. In between, we carry out a search for the relevant prior art as well as the assessment of possible infringement risks (FTO - Freedom-To-Operate), the preparation and filing of the patent application, the conduct of the examination proceedings (in Germany, in Europe and practically all countries of the world) and the defence of the patent in any opposition proceedings.

One of our special areas of expertise is in the field of trademarks, including corporate names and Internet domains. Many pitfalls have to be considered here. A preliminary search is indispensable in most cases in order not to infringe older rights. If the way is clear, we advise you on the best filing strategy, in particular with regard to the type of trademark to be filed (pure word, pure image or logo, combined word/picture mark, with or without color component, etc.), the goods and services to be claimed with the trademark, the territorial extension of the trademark protection and ...

Designs are often the "hidden champions". We help you to achieve the optimal scope of protection for your creative ideas.

You can also find more detailed information under the chapter "Intellectual Property Rights".

These days all companies need to consider their current and targeted position in the area of intellectual property – whether to protect their technical edge, prevent infringement of IP rights or conquer a new market segment. “Building and managing an IP portfolio” needs to be an active process, not just an empty catchphrase. 

A complex subject requires comprehensive experience and intelligible advice. Employees' rights to recognition of their invention disclosure and to appropriate remuneration must be respected for a company not to lose the corresponding patent. We help you recognise and avoid the potential pitfalls to ensure your freedom of action.

The calculation of an inventor's bonus is barely comprehensible to the uninitiated. It is based on a broad range of factors based on jurisprudence developed over a considerable period of time. We guide you through this jungle.

From simple licence agreements to complex cross-licences, from coexistence agreements to “peace treaties” in infringement proceedings: contract consulting and drafting is part of our daily work. This includes cooperation, research and know-how contracts. We apply our well-honed instincts and foresight to work out the optimum result. And when contract negotiations come to a standstill, we are not afraid to take legal action to defend your rights.

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