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From large corporations to start-ups, from established small companies to think tanks: different businesses require different approaches. Different structures require different IP strategies – we know this and apply it every day. 

We take an individualised approach to comprehensive support for start-ups. We nurture your enthusiasm and support you with a sophisticated IP strategy. Young companies can count on our assistance with their often very specific goals and issues when it comes to making their way through the unfamiliar IP landscape.

We work together with investors promoting start-up concepts to design individual IP strategies that are aimed at using intellectual property to rapidly increase the value of the company.

Start-ups spun off from an innovation in the manufacturing industry can also rely on us as an ideal partner. The available budget for IP protection is often limited in this latter case but, even under these conditions, adequate protection can be achieved. We work together with you to identify the essential features of your product and obtain a basic patent with maximum scope.

In addition to establishing a prohibitive right, a patent application can also improve your negotiating position in case you yourself are accused of patent infringement. In these situations, out-of-court settlements can often be reached – with the necessary negotiating skill – for example with cross-licences. Naturally, situations of this type ideally should and can be avoided with cost- and benefit-optimised monitoring – a process in which we also support you.

SMEs working with us benefit, in particular, from the fact that our roots lie in the patent department of a small business, whose internal structures and processes are therefore familiar territory for us. As a kind of external patent department, we are in a position to cover the entire spectrum of intellectual property rights on your behalf.

For many of our clients we serve as an extension of their own organisation, in that we operate like a patent department responsible for all aspects of IP within the company. We discuss the IP strategy with general management, technical aspects of the innovations with the inventors, trademark rights with the marketing department, and contracts and employee issues with the legal department. For some clients, such as in the consumer goods industry, our work is primarily focused on trademark and design rights, while for technology-oriented companies we look more at technical IP rights such as patents and utility models – but regardless, we always bring comprehensive expertise to bear concerning all relevant IP issues for every client. 

We proactively support large companies – whose in-house patent departments might be overextended by large numbers of invention disclosures and routine tasks – without taking on full representation. Global players currently take advantage of the following services from our firm:

  • drafting of patent applications,
  • responses to patent office notifications,
  • preparation of independent evaluations and
  • patent and trademark monitoring. 

We have worked with and for universities and research institutes for many years. The specific environment requires consideration of a wide range of interests. Topics of relevance here include exploitation through licensing or sale, participation in earnings by academic experts, possible startup spin-offs, the constant pressure to publish, specific constellations of inventor associations, etc.
Our central aim is to filter patent-related information out from the often numerous scientific details and data layers, and describe the core invention. We prepare patent applications in direct contact with the inventors. Here we benefit from the fact that our lawyers have extensive academic research experience themselves.
We also seek direct contact with future inventors via a wide range of presentations and lectures.  

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